Mohamed Osam

Amputee footballer

an on going project about athletes with special needs.

First story is about Gaper a 43 years old amputee footballer who lost his leg 6 years ago in an accident. After his loss Gaper took many years to overcome his moments of desperation with sport.

6 years ago Mohamed never expected his life would change to this after losing his leg in accident, “ After many hardships, I was able to overcome this point, I lost my leg and I had to sell everything I have inorder to buy a prosthetic leg and do the physical therapy and it seemed like I’m losing everything” said Mohamed. After 2 years Mohamed was desperate, he lost his work and he had no income sources and he wasn’t able to leave his home when suddenly while scrolling on face book he come through a videos for amputee football fans showing off his skills during the national team game in the world cup qualifications. “ I imminently texted him and asked if there’s a team or something like this I can join since I used to play football before in a local team here, but unfortunately there wasn’t any team yet but we met up after and we were able to find another players to form a team and one of football couches volunteered to practice them” Said Mohamed. “I took many years but I wouldn’t do anything without the support of my family and especially my youngest soon who is always there for me helping patiently” Said Gaber. After years of struggle Mohamed and his colleagues was able to form the first amputee footballer team with their own in the absence of all service from officials , they rent the pitch for practicing, they do everything with their own like buying team outfit and shoes. According to Gaber they got many offers from UAE and France to play for them but every time they got the offer the officials promise them they will help them to do their team here and they don’t have to leave as long as they get whatever they want, but so far nothing changed. The ambitious of Gaber is endless and he is looking to be a coach one day and help others who lost things to adapt easily with their loss with sport or any kind of support.

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