Mohamed Osam



Photo by Fayed El-Gaziery

My name is Mohamed Osam, my passion for photography ignited when I first acquired a film camera 35M at the young age of 15th. I was taken aback by the medium of photography for its ability to capture moments and stories in a way that is more expressive than words. At its core, and what continues to excite me, is my belief in the power of photography, specifically the visual storytelling and how to tell the entire story visually, which has the potential to challenge and change narratives.

My work was published in

  • MiddleEast Eye
  • ABC news.
  • Bloomberg.
  • NATGEO Yourshot .
  • Mashable .
  •  Andolu Agency .
  •  Dotmsr .
  • Al-Badil newspaper .

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